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Construction worker on a construction job site




Samantha started her management career in the fast-paced, high-pressure environments of the restaurant and catering industries. She honed her organizational skills, creative approach, mastery of scheduling and ordering, and developed her focus on profit margins.


Samantha entered the construction arena when she was asked to join the family construction staffing firm to help improve operational efficiency with a focus on the ever-changing worlds of insurance and compliance. In only a few years, she was able to give the firm’s insurance structure a complete overhaul and create a safety culture within the organization. This has become the driving force for the current operation’s commendable safety protocols, upgrades in PPE, product inventory systems, and the creation of a safety-conscious workforce that allowed the firm to grow to what it is today.

Safe workers = less injury = less down time = faster finishes and higher profits


VP of Business Development


Andrew was born into the construction industry with a father and an uncle who started a small home improvement company finishing basements in their local area of Queens, NY. In the mid 80’s they went on to become a mid-sized State and City Government Contractor, holding sizable government construction and staffing contracts. From the age of 15, Andrew spent summers working in the field as a laborer, learning the business from the ground up. He always strove to pull his weight and never to “skate” as a family member -  but rather to add to the family business. In the late 90's, Andrew came on board as an Assistant Estimator and Field Manager, only to quickly advance to Senior Estimator and Project Manager for government contracts ranging in contract value from $150,000 to $500,000. In these positions he mastered the skills of understanding tradespeople and  production schedules, estimating profitability,  and the coordination of subcontractors and facilities managers.

Andrew was also the property manager of a 220,000 sq ft warehouse clean-out and reconstruction. He continues to maintain multiple income-producing investment properties and development sites.

Advancing into another aspect of the business in recent years, Andrew took on the role of Business
Development and Sales Manager for the family construction staffing business. In this position, he grew the workforce of 50 to currently over 200. The one-time small family business accelerated in growth when Andrew and his wife, Samantha, began working side by side and became the driving force for change, efficiency, growth, and positive employee morale.

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