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The founders of the Cedar Park Group, Samantha and Andrew Terline, have made it their mission to provide superior efficiency and modern technology based on a firm foundation of old world craftsmanship.


Working in the construction industry in their family business, this husband and wife team learned from  their fathers that clear communication is vital for success. Building on solid systems, they modernized, computerized, and simplified tasks to take an already great business and make it thrive. They have been able to streamline the construction management process by cutting the manual processes and paperwork trails in order to complete  projects on time and within budget.

Using the accomplishments and skill sets from their previous positions has propelled this obvious progression for Andrew and Samantha to continue their journey to the National level. They know that the unique drive that comes from running a family business is the force that  inspires them in ways that are not found in corporate entities. They bring with them a passion for rebuilding and maintaining this country to enable their children to prosper as they have.


Their new venture is named for the cedar tree - a pioneer species. The cedar tree is significant for them, as it is the first to return after a disturbance in the forest. Cedars are the first stage of succession, leading the way for renewal and revitalization and increasing diversity in the region.


Building upon what was there before and making it their own….. Cedar Park Group.

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