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🔨🛠️ Happy Friday, everyone! Oh's Friday the 13th! 😱👻

Before you start tossing salt over your shoulder or avoiding ladders and black cats on your way to the job site, let's talk about how #FridayThe13th looks in the construction industry.

🐱 Black Cats: Traditionally seen as a sign of bad luck, but in construction, they’re just another cog in the machine, especially if you're operating a Cat® bulldozer.

🪜 Walking Under Ladders: On a construction site, this isn't superstition; it's an OSHA violation! Safety first, people.

🔩 Screws Loose: Finding one isn't bad luck; it's a reminder to always double-check your work.

👷‍♀️ Hard Hats: Worn to protect against falling objects, not to ward off bad spirits, although it wouldn't hurt to have both.

📏 Measure Twice, Cut Once: This golden rule is followed every day, not just on Friday the 13th. Unless you want to invoke the wrath of the Project Manager (a fate scarier than any superstition).

🛑 Red Flags: In construction, these signal potential safety hazards or project risks, not impending doom (well, maybe just a little).

So, this Friday the 13th, instead of fretting about superstitions, let's focus on what really matters in our industry: building amazing structures, and doing it safely and efficiently!

Happy Building! 🏗️👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

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